Monday 30 November 2015

What You Need to Know About IndulgeLA: Chocolate Festival & Pastry Show

Did someone say chocolate and pastry?! I’m super excited to attend Indulge LA in less than a month! It’s toted as the party of the year for dessert lovers, so me basically. The event will feature celebrity & top chocolatiers, pastry chefs and … Continue reading


Good citizenship and fat hate

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Tales From Retail: Black Friday

I actually wanted to put this up last week, but I’m still traumatized 6 years later. Listen. If you’ve never had to work a Black Friday before, count yourself lucky. It is some of the most dehumanizing foolery you can imagine. The customers turn to creatures possessed, and the workers end up snapping at each […]

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Three Steps to Loving Your Body More

Nobody is obligated to love or even like their bodies, but I believe that everyone should have the option. We live in a culture that tells us that our bodies are not good enough and never will be. A culture that, as my friend CJ Legare says, works hard to steal our self-esteem, cheapen it, […]

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Sunday 29 November 2015

Lane Bryant’s Horrible Holiday Ad

Fat people are considered a target market for all kinds of sleazy industries all year long (diet industry, beauty industry, surgeons who perform stomach amputations etc.)  There are even conferences that teach these people how to target us. The holidays up the ante quite a bit since two of the three Dieting Axis of Evil events fall […]

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Saturday 28 November 2015

Australian Brands Plus Size Research – Can You Help?

I’ve been contacted by a student who would like some assistance with some research she is doing.  Ana Maria Gonzalez is studying a Master of Commerce and is a textiles designer who loves fashion and new ideas.  Currently, she is doing her final project research about the marketing communication strategies of the Australian Plus Size […]

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Thursday 26 November 2015

Review: Secrets from the Eating Lab

I first became interested in this book after reading an interview with author Traci Mann from shortly before the book came out. If her name seems familiar, you may recognize it from a study that is often cited in fatosphere … Continue reading

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Tuesday 24 November 2015

We're all People Under the Same Sky

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When They Say Fat Like It’s a Bad Thing

Sometimes the insults that are flung at me just make me laugh (seriously – landwhale – seriously?  There are fat animals that live on land, there is no need to make up an animal just for the sake of sizeism.)  A couple common insults, however, always make me think “you say that like it’s a bad thing.” […]

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Monday 23 November 2015

Help Me Understand

I received an e-mail from reader Jeany saying “When someone says something to me that’s rude, often the only thing that I can think to do is be rude in return, or I can’t think of anything at all.  Do you have some kind of “go to” phrase that can help start a conversation?” First of […]

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Pre-Order my book, Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement!

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Saturday 21 November 2015

“You’re not such a dog as you think you are:” Marty (1955, dir. Delbert Mann)

I hadn’t heard of Marty until my partner recommended it for the blog, which was a little embarrassing when I found out how well-received it was in its day.  A low budget film version of a tv production, Marty won both the Palme d’Or and the Academy Award for Best Picture, and was a career […]

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Friday 20 November 2015

the HAES® files. WARNING: This Post is High in Trans Fat (May Contain Nuts).

by Sara Connell Please be aware this piece includes descriptions of bullying as well as eating disorder behaviors which may be triggering for some. Some language notes: “transgender” refers to people whose assigned sex at birth (what the doctor said when they looked at your genitals) doesn’t match up with their internal sense of their […]

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Health at Every Size Lies

I see a LOT of misinformation being spread about Health at Every Size, sometimes by well-meaning but misinformed people, sometimes by those intentionally trying to discredit the concept. So today I thought I would clear up some of what I think are common misconceptions: 1. Health at Every Size says that if you love your […]

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Saturday 14 November 2015

Plus 40 Fabulous – An Introduction

I am thrilled to participate in the Plus 40 Fabulous project created by the lovely Leah and Mookie.  Leah and Mookie wanted to claim a space in fatshion/plus-size blogging for people over 40, which considering the way women are relegated to the sidelines as they get older, is a fantastic idea.  There are plenty of […]

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Friday 13 November 2015

My CBAC series on Science and Sensibility

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You and the Underpants Rule

Here on DancesWithFat we have some posts that are annual traditions, one of them is this post about The Underpants Rule. The Underpants Rule is simple: everyone is the boss of their own underpants so, when it comes to your personal choices, you get to choose for you and other people get to choose from […]

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Thursday 12 November 2015

the HAES® files: Yoga as Fertile Ground for the HAES Paradigm to Grow

by Kimber Simpkins It’s thanks to my yoga practice that I landed in the lap of the Health at Every Size® (HAES) movement and philosophy.  Who would have guessed that learning how to do cat-cow on all fours would prepare me to readily embrace the three points of the HAES pledge: Respect, Compassionate Self-Care, and […]

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Wednesday 11 November 2015

3 Amazing Quick and Easy Honey Salad Dressing Recipes

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HoneyForHolidays #CollectiveBias Hi friends! So it’s no surprise that I love bees and I love honey. Anyone who knows me knows that I love … Continue reading


Remembrance Day

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Monday 9 November 2015

How to support Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement

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Fat is Bliss

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The “Thin Woman Inside” Lie

This picture has been making the rounds on Facebook again (thanks Natasha for bringing it to my attention!)  It’s an extra-disturbing iteration of the idea that there is a thin person inside every fat person. In this case it used to advertise someone’s fitness/weight loss business with the quote “Your TRUE potential is hidden deep within. It […]

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Saturday 7 November 2015

Weight loss balloon - a good or very bad idea?

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Fat Activism is Not About Your Boner – Part 2

Ugh.  It’s happening again.  There’s another round of posts/tweets/talk declaring “You can’t force me to find you attractive!” responses to fat activism.  Post after post after post from random dudes, usually crawling out of reddit or 4chan, loudly declaring that fat activism has no place in modern society because “You can’t force me to find […]

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Friday 6 November 2015

Fatshion: Vintage Plaid and Pleats

Hi friends! You probably remember this photo from my crowdfunding campaign to get me to BlogHer ’15! Now you finally get to see the whole look. Because I look out for you like that. 😉 Really though – I’m still … Continue reading


Thursday 5 November 2015

Proud (Diet) Quitter

Recently I got the chance to be on Aron Bender’s show on KFI Los Angeles (a recording of the interview and pictures are below.)  Aron, Brent, and the entire team were amazing and we had a blast (if only I had video of the dancing!)  He asked me a question that I get asked a […]

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Wednesday 4 November 2015

Cesarean Birth After Cesarean, 18 Years Later

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Yes, BMI Report Cards Are Bulls#*t

I’ve had a number of requests recently from parents who are dealing with their kids getting weighed in at school, including one school that is doing it now and after the holidays to “inform parents and kids if dangerous holiday weight gain is happening” so I wanted to re-post this.   If you’re not familiar with […]

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Tuesday 3 November 2015

Sundries: October 2015

October was a busy month for me, but I did manage to squeeze in some quality moviegoing experiences at the Chicago International Film Festival and the Music Box of Horrors.  Unsurprisingly, it was a month of fat villains and fat victims. Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006, dir. Scott Glosserman) This charmingly deconstructionist mockumentary […]

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Monday 2 November 2015

Come back, you selfish person, we’re not done hurting you yet!

This post, The Selfishness of Skipping Church, came across a progressive Christian Facebook group I belong to. I was, to put it mildly, not impressed. People don’t go to church, he argues, because they’re selfish and lazy, and view church like buying a car. He does say he isn’t criticizing ” the shut-in, the sick, […]

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Pumpkin, Bean and Goat Cheese Vegetarian Tamales Recipe

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MejorRecetas #CollectiveBias Hi friends! Have you made tamales before? I grew up making them with my family and now that I am vegetarian, … Continue reading



“Total and annual percent change in age-standardized death rates and years of potential life lost before age 75 years for all causes combined and for heart disease, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), stroke, unintentional injuries, and diabetes mellitus.” YAY! Between 1969 and 2013, for All causes of death there was a 42.9% reduction. […]

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A Discussion of the Barriers to VBAC

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HAES is Not Spooky, but Bad Research Methods Are

I recently had the opportunity to speak at The University of New Hampshire.  I gave a talk to their healthcare and health promotions staff, taught a dance class, and then did two keynotes “Queer Bodies Great and Small” and “Athletes at Every Size.”  The morning talk and the dance class went great and I was […]

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Sunday 1 November 2015

Fat in Fiction – A Review Post

I think this post is going to be an ongoing one. I’ve been working on it for ages now, slowly building up a collection of books with fat characters that I can review for you all, and I know there will be more in the future, I’m sure there are plenty that you can recommend […]

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