Tuesday 5 January 2016

Fatshion: Polka Dots & Pops of Green

Hi friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an outfit post, right? I was going through a really tough depression the last few months and so I was a big hermit. I hardly ever got dressed to go out unless it was to therapy and really, how many outfits of me in leggings and a sweatshirt do you need to see? Not that those kinds of outfits are valid and necessary for visibility but I personally don’t need to show you that. *wink* So this is an outfit I wore last October to attend an event at Goodwill OC. You can read more about the event here! A little over a year ago, I started making jewelry. The idea was to make some prototypes of cool unique items and potentially sell them. It hasn’t quite gotten off the ground yet but the green ring above is one of my favorite prototypes that I’ve made! You can buy one like it on my etsy, Magpies for Moons. Keep an eye out too for more pieces! I’ve been inspired lately to make more! So I am really excited to share that I am starting school today. I will be attending a new college and beginning a horticulture program. I have long wanted to live in the forest but never thought it was possible until recently. I will share a post soon with more info about this but please wish me luck. It’s a huge career change for me and while I feel pretty good about it, I am an anxious person in general so I’m a little scared! It’s pretty obvious that these photos weren’t taken recently right? If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I chopped my hair off. I will debut it here soon but in the meantime, you get to enjoy me with long hair still. And even though the temperature hit the mid-sixties today, there’s no way I would be caught dead in a sleeveless dress and bare legs now without tons of layers on. Layering is my favorite part about Southern California winters so you better believe I’m living for it now. But back in October, well, the temperature was still very warm here in LA. I didn’t really even need that jacket, but fashion, people, fashion. *wink* Cute little story about these shoes. I bought them on Ebay from an international seller and I got my normal size. They were WAY too small. I ended up reordering them in a half-size larger and they are still kinda snug. But I love them so much. They are the perfect shade of green and that little tassel is the perfect pop of preppiness. I love wearing them with black pants and a button up or with other dresses too. I just basically love them. I can’t believe I’m still posting outfit photos from months ago. I took a new set yesterday so as soon as I catch up with two more, you’ll get to see my new hair (unless you already saw it on my Instagram). Until then, friends! Outfit Details: Blue cat eye glasses: Zenni Optical Blue denim jacket: Mode Plus Black and white polka dot dress: Ross Green loafers: Ebay Bronze skull ring: H&M Green square ring: Handmade, Magpies for Moons Thank you for reading and catching up with me. What’s new in your beautiful life?