Monday, 6 January 2020

Study Shows That Watching TV Creates A Preference For Thinness, Golden Globes Demonstrate It

fat performer in a leading roleReader Chris let me know about this study, in which researchers worked with “men and women” (cis being presumed, no mention of trans or nonbinary people) in a remote area of Nicaragua who had either regular access to television or no access to television, all of whom had basically no access to magazines or the internet.

The breakdown was stark – those without television access preferred larger bodies, those who watched TV preferred thinner bodies.

They did a further experiment, showing the villagers a series of pictures of larger or thinner women, and found that after seeing the images, their preferences adjusted in the same direction.

While one of the study’s authors had found the same effect in women in Western Societies previously, this had never been tested in non-industrial societies.

Study Co-author, Dr Jean-Luc Juckers said

“This study, utilizing a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods with non-Western participants, provides yet more empirical evidence that the mass media impact female body size ideals.”

Co-Author Dr. Tracey Thornborrow explained

“Our findings clearly demonstrate that perceptions of attractiveness are highly changeable, and are affected by what we are visually exposed to.”

This is important because of those people (who are often benefiting from the status quo) who insist that the fact that fat people don’t have positive representation in the media doesn’t have any negative effects.

It is harmful to us to not have positive representation, but it also perpetuates fatphobia as the media teaches people to see fat bodies in a negative light, even while they try to tell themselves that it’s natural to think those things about fat bodies.

This seemed particularly appropriate to talk about in light of the Golden Globes tonight, hosted by noted fatphobic, transphobic, ableist defender-of-white-dudes-using-the-n-word human trash pile Ricky Gervais, and the extreme lack of fat people nominated (which doesn’t really  set fat people apart from other marginalized groups including People of Color, Trans and non-binary people, and cis-women except in gendered categories that are specifically for them and exclude those who don’t fit into a strict gender binary.)

This is a direct reflection of the perpetuation of the thin beauty ideal. In the US, those who cast performers often cast first and foremost based on the performer’s ability to meet a stereotype of beauty rooted in cis, het, thin, white, able-bodiedness (unless the part specifically calls for something different, in which case it’s often rooted in negative stereotypes.) When it comes to fat people this robs us of the opportunity to have and be positive representation.

The truth is that thinness isn’t important at all. You could replace almost any leading role with a fat performer and the only thing that would actually have to change is people’s fatphobia at the thought of a fat performer in a leading role.

The study’s lead author, Professor Lynda Boothroyd, summed it up nicely:

“TV and advertising bosses have a moral responsibility to use actors, presenters and models of all shapes and sizes and avoid stigmatising larger bodies. There needs to be a shift towards a ‘health at every size’ attitude and the media has an important role to play in that.”

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