Wednesday, 16 December 2020

On fatlicious gift giving in 2020

Another year, another opportunity to bring fat positivity into your life and the life of your loved ones! One of my favourite ways to do that is through supporting fat creators; many of the items on the list below will help support amazing fat writers, artists, and more. None of these are affiliate links; none of them have asked to be included.

These are simply my favourite things of the year. And they would make great gifts for yourself or someone else.

For the reader

Lute Como Uma Gorda by Malu Jimenez

Fat Girls in Black Bodies by Joy Cox

Fattily Ever After by Stephanie Yeboah

Fat by Hanne Blank

Body Sovereignty by Caleb Luna, et al  (Dec 2022)

Fat and queer: An anthology of queer and trans bodies and lives by Miguel Morales, et al (May 2021) @TrustMiguel

Belly of the Beast by Da’Shaun Harrison (Aug 2021)

What we don’t talk about when we talk about fat by Aubrey Gordon @yrfatfriend

For the dreamer

The Luna poems by Yesika Starr

Fatty Fat Fat Playtext and Button Badges from Katie Greenall

For the artist

The Venus Nanas Colouring Book from Fancy Lady Industries

Ophelia Sticker from SexyFation on etsy

Big Tummy Goth Sticker from ShelBerries

Take Up Space Pencil from House of Boom

For the fatshionista

The Cooke Coat from Plus Equals

Green velvet skater dress from Interrobangirl on etsy

Venus layered dress block from Loud Bodies

Contrast trim floral print dress from eShakti

Glorying obesity crop-top from Mary Lambert

Decolonise your body belt from Infamy Apparel

For those who accessorise

No Wrong Way to Have A Body pin from NoWrongBody on etsy

I’m FAT Get Over It Tote Bag from Monster Cliché

Fat hate/fatphobia/fatmisia is white supremacy phone and laptop case from SkyGriffin

For the home

Hug A Planet Fat Black Print from SchwarzRund on etsy

Fat Sisterhood Print from MegGarrodArt on etsy

Speedbumps Print from Dimmie

Fat Tiger Figurine from Bu2ma on etsy

Fiona Ornament from the Cincinnati Zoo

Umber Luna Torso from Secret Scents of Ella

And because no fatlicious list would be complete with one,

The Adipositivity Project 2021 wall calendar from Substantia Jones

via Friend of Marilyn