Tuesday, 6 December 2022

On Hold

Some doctors send me a post card asking me to make an appointment. Others send me a text message, or has a robocall tell me it’s time to make an appointment.

So now I’m on hold waiting to make an ob/gyn appointment. I’ve got a sleep doc appointment for next week, presumably to check I’m using my CPAP. Then I should probably call the pulmonologist to renew asthma meds….

Sometimes I wonder if the late 80s/early 90s call center jobs are the reason I hate these sorts of phone calls, or if it’s the anticipatory anxiety that making the appointment means I’ll be seeing the doctor. Me, the really fat woman.

(Yes, I have self-coaching scripts to help me manage the anxiety. Yes, I’ve met all these doctors before. Fear is not logical.)

I now have an ob/gyn appointment. Going to make another call before getting more coffee. How’s with you?

via Living ~400lbs