Thursday, 4 August 2016

Fuck Cancer

Hi everyone! A good news post: I beat cancer. When I had my thyroid removed last month the doctor also removed two tumors; a large benign one from the right side and a smaller, malignant one from the left. The benign tumor was huge, like 80 grams in weight. That's ridiculous and explains why my scar is so large as well. So huzzah! I'm relieved, my family is relieved and I can start looking forward to the future again without having to worry about chemotherapy or radiation treatments. The treatment for thyroid cancer is to remove the thyroid, and I've already done that, AND as a bonus thyroid cancer generally doesn't spread. It doesn't really have anywhere to go.

Thanks to everyone who's left supportive comments here and on the Facebook page. I appreciate it a lot. In non-cancer/health related things I have a post brewing about PokemonGo, and another about mobile game I've been playing, Monument Valley, kids going to school this fall, Kat's upcoming 4th birthday and possibly more! For now I update more regularly on Facebook at Fat and Not Afraid.

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