Monday, 27 November 2017

ASDAH 2018 Conference: Call for Proposals

Come Speak—connect with friends and colleagues!

DUE: DECEMBER 21, 2017

ASDAH is seeking proposals for the 2018 Conference
August 3-5, 2018 – Portland, OR

Uniting Against Oppression:
Navigating the Learning Curves in the Health at Every Size® Movement

Submissions in the following areas are particularly desired:

• Use of the HAES® approach as it intersects with specific populations
• Navigating online spaces and social media in the HAES® movement
• Addressing privilege and centering diverse voices in the HAES® community
• The HAES® movement past, present, and future
• What does it mean to practice the HAES® principles in an environment that does not support it?
• Utilizing a HAES® approach in transdisciplinary healthcare settings
• Training and equipping the next generation of HAES® scholars, practitioners, and activists
• New and emerging research on HAES®


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