Thursday, 25 May 2017

On Fat Visibility, Taking Risks and My New Album, “A Little Luck”!

Golda playing liveHello my dear BLW-ers!

I know it’s been wayyyy too long.

So much has changed in the last few years. I’m not doing very much coaching anymore. For better or worse, I’m back in the corporate world working as an attorney again.

And though I loved working for myself (and, most important, working with rad fat women), having a steady job has allowed me to pursue one of the great loves of my life, which is music.

About two years ago I decided to get serious about learning to play bass. I had always sung, and I’ve played a few instruments back in school (mostly baritone and tuba), but bass was just FUN. And after playing bass for a while, I started writing songs. Strangely enough, they were good. Other people actually liked them.

But when my awesome bass teacher/ producer approached me about recording an album, I got really nervous.

I wasn’t giving talks on body acceptance anymore. I wasn’t blogging. I wasn’t out there in the world in any way. And being sort of anonymous had felt pretty great.

Plus, how did I know if I was good enough? Was my voice good enough? Was my bass playing good enough? It all seemed a bit overwhelming.

But I decided to take the leap. If nothing else, it would be a great learning experience.
GoldaLittleLuckFinal CD Cover
Fast forward a few months, and I have a beautiful album that I’m so proud of and so excited to share with the world.  (You can check it out on itunes, amazon music, spotify, or wherever else you like to hear music! My new site is here and you can get all the links there too.)

Here I am, nearly forty years old, fat AF, and putting out deeply personal songs, both on stage and digitally. And it feels really great.

So though I’m not coaching and blogging anymore, I hope that this post reaches you and makes you think about what you might like to pursue. What do you desire to be/do/have at this stage in your life, whatever that stage may be?

With love,


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