Saturday, 5 May 2018

LuLaRoe Founder Profits From So-Called Weight Loss Surgeries

WTF are you doingFour LuLaRoe consultants interviewed by Bloomberg reported that they were pressured by founder DeAnne Brady or her sister Lynnae to go to Tijuana, Mexico and have so-called weight-loss surgery.

Sam Schultz, the sisters’ nephew explained “Lynnae charges $5,000, but it only costs $4,000. You pay her through PayPal, she gets a cut, then takes you to Mexico.” Consultant Courtney says “the sisters referred to themselves as the Tijuana Skinnies.” Stacy Kristina, a LuLaRoe consultant, told Bloomberg “I was told by DeAnne herself that she likes her leaders to be a size small or medium.”

Let’s be clear about what’s going on here: Not happy enough with cheating fat consultants out of their money through her pyramid scheme, LuLaRoe’s leader was making $1,000 a pop for sending fat independent consultants have a surgery that may leave them thin, or maimed, or dead – and nobody knows which until it’s all over.

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