Friday, 28 December 2018

The Diet Industry- Your Drunk, Booty Calling Ex

Diet Industry booty callAh The Diet Industry. It promised you the world. And it was always good to you in the beginning, but over time it just couldn’t keep its promises, and you would break up. Then it would lure you back, convincing you it was responsible for everything good in your life, you would try again and then have to kick it out of your apartment when it went back to its old failing ways.

You would think you were done for good, but it would come back,  convincing you that you were to blame for the failed relationship and that you just needed to try harder – and you would give it another chance, only to have your heart broken again.

Then you started talking to the Diet Industry’s other exes and you learned that this was the pattern with almost every single one of them. Finally, you dumped the Diet Industry for good.

But the New Year is approaching and here’s the Diet Industry drunk and crying, calling, texting, e-mailing, sliding into your DMs, trying to convince you that it has changed (Now it’s going by its initials instead of its name! It’s a whole new person!) and it can give you everything you ever wanted if you just come back baby, please, just one more chance.

But the Diet Industry is lying – just like it always has – and, deep down, you know it. So remember that you can ignore that call, delete that text, block your shitty ex and keep living the amazing life that you can only live when the Diet Industry isn’t a part of it.

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