Saturday 14 December 2019

David’s Bridal Eliminates Fat Tax

end the fat tzx (1)A little good news in the fight for size equality. To begin at the beginning, fat tax is when fat people have to pay more for the same product or service. Some examples are being forced to pay twice as much for the same flight, or being forced to pay more for the same spa service, or a literal tax, very often fat tax is assessed for plus size clothes. Many stores and fashion lines just don’t bother to clothe fat people, but even when they do, fat people often have to pay much more for the same clothing (or, similar clothing but of lower quality and/or with fewer options.)

When it comes to fat tax on clothing, plenty of people try to offer up justifications but the truth is that there are plenty of pricing models that would allow vendors to charge the same for all clothes, just like they already charge the same for a size 0 and a size 14.

It’s not just possible, it’s already happening. Mallorie Dunn’s SmartGlamour has been doing everything right for a long time – making clothes for people of literally every shape and size, and charging the same for all sizes. David’s Bridal is catching up with a big step in the right direction. David’s, which focuses on affordable wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses in sizes 0 to 30W has decided to eliminate the fat tax and charge equal amounts for all their dresses.

And why? Per their CEO Jim Marcum, it’s because that’s what their customers wanted:

“We’ve immersed ourselves in our customer. What is our customer telling us? What does our customer feel? What does our customer think about us? Price parity was an issue that came rising up to the top. It’s an emotional issue,” Marcum says. “As we are doing everything we can to bring the consumer back to the center of everything we do, we felt this was an incredibly important issue that we take on.”

So two things to remember:

1. Fat people deserve equal treatment

2. Activism works. Telling the people who want our money exactly how they can earn our business can definitely pay off.

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