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How to Deal When Your Friends Go On Diets

no diet talkIt’s New Years, which means that people close to you – family, friends, co-workers etc. – will very likely be going on diets.

For those of us who have managed to get ourselves off the diet roller coaster, this can be an especially tough time. Not only are we being bombarded with ads to try to convince us to try (again!) at something that we know doesn’t work,  but also (because we live in a fatphobic society,) people who are attempting to manipulate their body size can often expect – and feel entitled to – our support. Even though, for those of us who are fat, this amounts to someone telling us all about why they don’t want to look like us and how excited they are about the things they are going to do to try to make that happen.

How you choose to deal with someone who wants to talk about their diet with you is entirely up to you (and may include factors like how much energy you want to put into this, the power structure of the relationship, your personal beliefs around familial relationships etc.)

What I think is important to understand is that, while people who want to attempt to diet are allowed to make choices for their own bodies (as we are allowed to choose not to diet,) that does not mean that we have to be there to listen to and support their attempt.

I say this because, if we’re not careful,  fatphobia will convince us not only that we are somehow obligated to support people in their body manipulation attempts, but also that they don’t have to support us, or respect our boundaries around our choice not to attempt to manipulate our body size. That’s bullshit. Our choice not to diet, and our desire not to hear diet talk are valid and should be respected.

Here are some options – you can do them individually or combine them:

Fair is Fair

If they get to talk about their diets, you get to talk about your choice not to diet – whether that takes the form of Size Acceptance and/or Health at Every Size and/or something else. They talk about their diet, you talk about not dieting. They claim a supposed health benefit of dieting, you talk about how that benefit is achievable without the risks of dieting. etc.

If they push back, let them know that you expect that you will respect and support each other equally, and if they can’t get onboard with the idea that your choice is equally valid, then this isn’t something that you can talk to each other about. Good news though, there’s plenty of other stuff to talk about!

Make Your Own Resolution

When someone starts in about their diet, say something like “My New Years Resolution is to stop being involved in diet talk – it’s harmful to me and others, so let’s talk about something else.” If they push back you can say something like “You are welcome to do whatever you want with your body, you’re just not welcome to talk to me about it. Let’s talk about something else.” You can certainly provide more explanation if you’d like but, again, you are not obligated. Your choice is valid and your boundary should be respected. The only reason that people think that they should be allowed to talk about weight loss anytime they want regardless of other people’s desired (or a group’s clearly stated rules!) is because our culture is built on fatphobia. You don’t have to buy into that.

So Many Reasons

You can let them know why you can’t support them. It could sound something like “Of course you are allowed to do whatever you want with your body, but I can’t support you in this because I know that dieting is based on and perpetuates fatphobia, fuels an industry that makes billions with a product that almost never works and often does harm, and can lead to disordered eating and eating disorders.”

No, With a Side of Support

The research tells us that, while almost everyone loses weight in the short-term, almost everyone gains it back long-term, with the majority gaining back more than they lost. Which means that everyone who encourages those who are losing weight in the short-term – including and especially by telling them how much better they look etc. – is actually going to be just one more voice making it worse when they are right back where they started, or heavier, before they know it. So you can let them know that you aren’t interested in hearing about their diet, but then add something like – “I think you are amazing and beautiful at any size.”

Just Snarky AF

I’m not saying that I recommend these necessarily, just that they are…options:

Oh jeez, please tell me that not-eating isn’t the most interesting thing you have to talk about.

Losing weight, huh? Well, my New Year’s Resolution is to learn to levitate, so we’ve got basically the same chance of long-term success!

If I have to hear about your diet, I’m going to tell you about my bowel movements, in vivid detail, with pictures. Or, we could talk about something else, totally your call.

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