Saturday, 10 December 2016

Old Statue, New Fat Shaming

Archaeologists found this marble figure at a dig in Çatalhöyük, Turkey. According to the Ministry of Culture the statue dates to between 8000 and 5500 B.C., weighs about 2 pounds, and is around 6.7 inches long.

Of course some people took this opportunity to fat shame the statue (because some people have too much free time.) What I want to talk about today is the comments that I saw that seemed to unravel the whole fat shaming argument whilst trying to make it.   They went something like this:

“I didn’t know that they had [insert fast food restaurant, name of soda, type of food] back them.

Wow, so funny I forgot to laugh.  The thing is, they didn’t.  They didn’t have any of the things that they are trying to get rid of, or tax, in an effort to eradicate fat people.  And guess what, there were still fat people. There always have been fat people, there always will be fat people and eradicating fat people is not a worthy, or even remotely appropriate, goal.

The good news is that the existence throughout history of art that featured fat figures means that we have opportunities to see bodies that look like ours celebrated!

By coincidence, the same day I saw this, I received a package in the mail, a present from Julianne from the completely fabulous LAUGHING GODDESS MAGICKAL APOTHECARY a “gleefully fat and body positive grotto where handcrafted bath, beauty, and magickal goodies await you!

One soap that says I Love My Rolls:

and another fabulous goddess soap:

These join the positive representations of fat that we make sure to have all over our home. 

Bodies of all sizes have been celebrated throughout history and our bodies should be no different! If you have some favorite body positive art feel free to leave it in the comments so that we can all appreciate it.

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