Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Winter Is

Today's post is brought to you by sore arms!

Winter Is...

Walking your kid to school and not being able to see because your glasses have fogged up thanks to the scarf over your nose.


Your neighbour waving and saying "It's cool out this morning, eh?" when it's -30C.  You reply "Just a bit!" and keep moving. You share a conspiratorial smile that neither can see because of all the material covering your faces but feel it instead.

Peeling off the layers as soon as you get in the house or you'll roast


Hot chocolate after sledding.

Hot chocolate after skating.

Hot chocolate after shoveling.

Hot chocolate because Winter.


Scraping the ice off your windshield while the car warms up.

Shoving the snow off the roof of your car while it warms up.

Going back inside to brush your teeth while the car warms up.


Long nights full of stars with air so cold you can barely breathe.

Short days were sun on snow dazzles your eyes with diamonds.

Grey periods where you're uncertain if the sun came up and went down.


via Fat and Not Afraid