Friday, 11 November 2016

A Metaphor for this Week

As I was walking from the train station to my office, where there is always tons of ever changing construction, I heard a car’s blaring horn. It went on and on until finally the construction worker who was literally beside the car shouted, “Hey! Stop it! I’m right here! Stop honking already!” When I looked up to get a grasp of the scene I noticed two interesting details. First, that there was no vehicle or persons in front of this car, so I couldn’t make out why on earth they would be honking their horn. Second, that the vehicle doors were emblazoned with the seal of, “U.S. Department of Elections” and I did in fact laugh out loud upon seeing that last detail. I mean?!?!

Is there any better representation of this fucking week?!?!!?


via I'm Not Blue at All