Saturday, 12 November 2016

Weeping with Those Who Weep

Shannon Dingle wrote a beautiful, gracious, and moving post, trying to explain her grief to those who are telling her to move on.  Here’s a little excerpt, but you should really read the whole thing:

My heart was broken when I realized Trump had won. I didn’t have much time to work through my feelings, though, because I’m a mom. Our kids had been being told by classmates that they would be sent back to Uganda if Trump was elected. I had been responding with truth and compassion, but I also didn’t think he’d win. When he did, I had to struggle with how to find the words to help her feel secure and prepare her for how to respond when those kids said anything that day after, emboldened by a Trump win. (This is the same child who had a classmate yell, “go back to Africa!” at her last year after Trump’s campaign had taken off with racist undertones.) I coached her white sister through how to respond and how to have her sister’s back. I walked them in to the elementary school, and I spoke with my kids’ teachers to make sure they were aware of these concerns.

And then I walked back to my van and wept.

And then I went on social media and was told that my grief came from being a sore loser, that I was being divisive by sharing my hurt, and that I was more concerned with the gospel of Shannon than the gospel of Christ.

Jesus would not tell Shannon to shut up and deal. Jesus would hug her and her kids, and weep with her.  We need to weep with her, not mock her hurt and her fear for her children.


via Kelly Thinks Too Much